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You might have a great idea that you manage to get linked to a Cool-Hunter site, but when the orders start pouring in, you’re scrambling to find a manufacturer, and tapping your uncle for start-up cash. We can help. And it doesn’t matter if you’re generating ideas from Portland or Hong Kong. The Center of Excellence is a broad system that spans the globe.

We draw together Portland’s deep creative culture to provide the infrastructure, access and the resource network required to jumpstart your new or existing venture. Emerging sustainable businesses in consumer products such as footwear, active wear, outdoor gear, cycling, and commercial innovations across the board, need look no further.

The Center of Excellence offers a comprehensive network of resources and tools. Perhaps your design is in place but you need a prototype of a slick sweater made of sustainable and environmentally friendly bamboo for a trade show but don’t have the faintest idea how to get one made? Our relationship with a myriad of factories, home and abroad, can do just that. Looking for seed money to make that prototype? The Center of Excellence’ capital fund network is there to draw on.

The Center of Excellence is a gateway to and from US markets. We can help with R&D, design, outsourced manufacturing, marketing, sales and operational expertise. We want to put ourselves in your shoes, even if the shoes are only an idea in your head. Or on a napkin.

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