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The COE's full suite of services address every aspect of the product engine development process, from concept design to development engineering and production. The material toolkit provides resource access to facilitate commercialization, and is complemented by extensive business network services.

Product Engineering Development

>> Design Services - Market research through prototyping

>> Development Engineering - Product development and testing with Best Known Methods

>> Production Services - Sourcing, Commercialization, packaging, and quality control

Toolkit Components

>> Materials Library - Supports existing footwear and apparel clusters

>> Inspirational Showroom - Includes design stations and internships

>> Innovation and Accelerator Unit - Attracts and Fuels emerging businesses

>> Material Research Unit - Creates strategic partnerships with institutes of higher learning

Network Services

>> Strategic Planning - Business model, planning, and design

>> Marketing strategy - Segmentation, positioning, and communications

>> Financial Consulting - Planning, funding, and accounting

>> Business Management - Sourcing, logistics, and operations

The COE works with clients from the initial conceptstage through product delivery, developing customized programs based on client needs and requirements.

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