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Scribble out an idea, consider its brilliance, then ball it up and throw it away.

Or maybe not. Take us--William Weinstein and associates. At Portland’s Center Of Excellence we believe no idea is too small. Just like no idea is a bad idea until proven otherwise. And an idea without execution is merely hallucination. At the Center of Excellence, we turn dreams into marketable products.

We founded our business in Portland, Oregon; the sports footwear and apparel capital of the world and center of the emergence of new sustainable technologies. When we started talking to people about our ideas, something interesting happened. A confluence of interests that sparked a determination in us to use all the resources Portland has to offer to the global marketplace.

Portland has long been a pioneer in the sports industry and is quickly evolving into the development hub for innovative and sustainable technologies. Internationally based firms headquartered here have drawn talent from all over the world. Sure, we know a big company has big resources. But entrepreneurs, and even small to mid-sized businesses, often lack those tools, which is why so many drawings get balled up and thrown away.

We knew Portland had sophisticated and creative talent. We also knew that Portland lacked a support system that entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized businesses could tap into.
Until now, that is.

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